Marking technology applies in auto parts industry, except for marking part numbers, specifications, which can also manage suppliers and achieve product trace-ability, and then used to guard against fake and inferior products.

Suppliers management mainly shows in marking sequence number, names and logos on auto parts, and then linking with database, monitoring product’s quantity and variety, finally achieving the function of querying and monitoring product’s flows and dealer cross-selling.

Anti-counterfeiting function mainly shows in marking serial number and special graphics randomly, and enables every part can be directly recognized, or check through computer according to the marking numbers, which effectively control the non-original products circulation.

The marking graphics are not easy to be erased, increasing anti-counterfeiting force.

Strengthening product claim management, meeting the requirements of defect product callback, and realize key parts information collection and quality trace-ability.

Our marking machine can mark specification, serial number and batch number on product surface, used in electronic components, transformer, electronic connector, circuit board, plastic, metal, battery, clear plastics, keyboard, small engine and switch.

Many components and circuit boards need to be marked and coded in electronics industry, generally marking part numbers, production time and warehousing date. Most manufacturers use silk screen printing or labeling, and some use laser marking machine.

Our equipment adopts contact-less marking technology which can meet the requirements for product identification in electronics industry. Whether it is small resistance, capacity, connector, or large switch and parts, our machine can mark words, numbers, bar-codes and graphics.

Electronic and semiconductor


Laser technology has been applied in packaging industry. The laser equipment can mark production date, expiry date, batch number, logo, bar code on liquid and solid product packaging. Meanwhile, it is applicable for many packaging materials, such as carton box, PET plastic bottle, glass bottle, composite film and tin box.

Laser equipment can be used in tobacco, not only for identifying information about cigarette products (e.g. Carton cigarette or box cigarette from the tobacco factory), but also for marking solutions such as anti-counterfeiting , sales management and logistic tracing.

Marking technology is widely used in wire and cable industries, applicable to mark names, logos and numbers on cable products with various specifications and sizes. Not only marking when the raw materials extrudes, or when cables winds; not only used in production line high-speed marking, or in a separate pallet, the laser equipment can mark from different angles, 360-degree printing angles, rounded, curved,striped, etc; or marking logos, specifications, dates from bottom, side and top.

BOLN’s laser marking machine accord with cable industry’s standards and special applications requirements, applicable to mark in the high-speed production line (500m/min). Laser markings enable the words not being wearing and faded when the cables wind. The minimum character is 0.8mm. Our equipment can mark various graphics, logos and standard certificate, such as TUV, UL,CE, and can connect with other electronic equipment, such as coiling machine, cutting machine, weighing instrument, etc, also connecting with factory’s automatic management system.

Wire and Cable

Mechanical hardware

Laser marking is widely used in hardware industry, machinable metal products including iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloy, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides.

Laser marking machine can mark various text, serial number, product number, bar-code, QR code, production date, and can achieve skipping marking. The marking words and graphics are quite clear and delicate, and can’t be erased and modified, which is beneficial for product quality and channel tracking, and can effectively prevent the selling of date-expired products, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channel conflict.

Laser technology has been applied in gift industry. As advanced processing equipment with the characteristics of rapid speed and high efficiency for contact-less processing, laser marking has no any material wastage and marking graphics are fine and beautiful, never wear. In addition, the marking process is very flexible, only inputting texts and graphics in software. Our machine can show the effect you want and also meet the personalized needs of our customers.

The high-precision characteristics of our machine is very suitable to mark small and precious ring, necklace and other jewelries, achieving wear-resistant permanent marking. Personalized marking is more and more popular with customers in jewelry industry, such as marking special meaning words, greetings and personalized graphics. In addition, the laser machine can mark on various materials, copper, stainless steel, sliver, gold.